Use This Simple Technique for a 25 Percent Conversion Rate Boost for Your Facebook and Instagram Campaigns


Facebook campaign optimization is an ongoing process, and you’re never done. But there may be a quick win you’re not aware of: targeting mobile users only when they’re on Wi-Fi.

I’ve done this with several of my clients and seen conversion rates increase by up to 25 percent. Here’s why:

  • People on Wi-Fi are more likely to be stationary. Someone lying on their couch is much more likely to convert than someone killing time while standing in line at Whole Foods.

  • Your videos will load faster. We all know how important video is for social; let’s make sure people can view it without any lag.

  • Downloading apps on a mobile network can take a long time. Increase your click-to-conversion rate by targeting people on Wi-Fi. They’ll also have a better experience when they first open it.

  • If you have a slow mobile site, it’s going to be even slower on a mobile network. This is an issue you’ll need to address, but at least you’ll be able to provide a faster experience on Wi-Fi.

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