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“Luke’s vision, his strategy and execution in developing our online content and business model was great. From content ideation, production, editing, social distribution, to building small team, he had a grip on everything in the business to position us for growth. 
A great guy and now a good friend. I’d recommend him to help with your online strategy and growth”

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Steve Nash
Two Time NBA MVP, Eight Time NBA All-Star, Entrepreneur, Owner of Ctrl Media, and Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

What I do...

I create, manage and execute your business and online marketing strategies. Working as your part-time CMO and 'growth strategist', I give you the direction and resources to grow your business. From Sales Funnels, FB Ads, Email Marketing, Content, Social, Web Design, Retargeting, Analytics, Reporting, Product and Project Management, to building out and managing your growth team... I can help you.

How I work...


Analyse & Report

What’s working & what isn’t? From site design, marketing campaigns, conversions, CPA's and ROI’s, I track the metrics you need to grow your business before making sense of the data to make data driven decisions.



Using the analysis as a foundation to find the holes and opportunities, I then present you with a clear roadmap of marketing tactics, campaigns and product features needed to be executed and optimized to grow. 



You can take my analysis, reporting and strategy and have your team implement it, or... myself and my team can execute it for you. This gives you a hands off approach to growth and we can work with whatever budget you have. 

Meet Luke

Part Time CMO, Digital Marketer, Business Strategist.Put a face to the name...

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A little bit about me... 

Now residing in Los Angeles, I grew up in England and was once upon a time a professional football/soccer player for Huddersfield Town, before venturing into the world of business and digital marketing. 

Over the last 10 years I've launched, invested in, and worked with a number of startups, SME's, and large corporations across tech, media, health, and sports industries.

My first startup in football/soccer media funded my trip around the world when I was 23. My second led me to San Francisco which resulted in consultancy roles for on their first foray into influencer marketing. Now, 8 years on, I'm in LA working with athletes and businesses including 2x NBA MVP Steve Nash.

Through consultancy, media and marketing services, I'm using my experience, knowledge and passion to help people creatively grow their brands and business. And, I'd love to help you too!

Luke Malcher, Founder @GrowthStrategist


From being your part-time CMO, to creating sales funnels, websites, strategy and everything in between…
I can help.


Part-Time CMO

Ever heard of it? Maybe you've heard of 'Fractional Chief Marketing Officer', or 'Outsourced Executive'...

Whatever the label, this is how I operate. I work with online businesses and non-profits to manage their growth. I become a part of your company and treat it like my own. Giving you my experience, knowledge and resources to grow your business efficiently and effectively rather than operating as an agency and making a quick buck on that website that you really didn't need. 

Why part-time? Not all of you are ready to recruit for a full time CMO. You may not have the money, or the time. A part-time agreement gives you the benefit of an expert working across all aspects of your business without the commitment and costs. 

I work with a budget that suits you and how aggressive you want to grow... below are some of the things I cover...


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Business Strategy

In order for my marketing strategies to be effectively executed and to help you grow as much as possible, I can advise you on your overall business strategy as a whole.

From strategising business models, product features, market research and positioning, operations, processes, strategy roadmaps and investment or funding opportunities, I will do all I can to grow your business.

Building a business isn't easy and it is important that your overall business strategy, methodologies, processes and principles are aligned in order for growth.

I want to use my experience to help you avoid any pitfalls and mistakes along the way so you can grow your business quickly and efficiently.

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Sales Funnels

If you have an online business you need to have a sales funnel in place in order to convert a cold website visitor into a warm lead and then a happy paying customer. 

Strangely, most businesses completely overlook a sales funnel as part of their online strategy. They expect a visitor to land on their site and instantly turn into a customer. Unfortunately it doesn't work like this. You have to build a relationship with the customer and provide them with value long before they purchase from you. 

From landing pages, lead magnets, to tripwires, to core offers, upsells, one time offers, recurring customers and email sequences I'll advise you on how to set up and manage sales funnels that will work for your business and increase your sales like never before.


Digital Marketing

With an awesome website and sales funnel in place, now your business needs to get in front of your target customers and build a loyal fanbase.

I'll help you reach your customers through a variety of marketing channels using different tactics and campaigns.

From building your social media following, managing paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Adwords to target your specific customers, to content marketing, email marketing and everything in between - I'll help you grow your business through a number of mediums and help you establish which platform and campaign provides highest return on investment.


Content & Video Production

Content is at the heart of any growth strategy. You need to speak to your audience and you need to be in the places where your audience gives their attention. Then you have to capture their attention with engaging, quality, and consistent content.

I'll help you tell your story to grow your business brand and your personal brand through various formats and mediums.

From video production to audio, written and social content, I'll strategise content concepts, and even help produce, shoot, edit and distribute the content.

From vlogs, mini series, video ads, live streams, podcasts and blogs and social content, I'll help to creatively tell your story to your customers to grow your brand and business. 


Web Design

The perceived value of your business starts with a well designed website that provides a smooth user experience that eventually leads to conversions, increased profits and growth.

I work with a team of talented developers who are at the top of the current design trends and have worked with hundreds of brands such as Jaguar, LandRover and Nike to name a few. But, our affordable price points allow us to look after the little guys too. That's just how we like to work. 

We build real-time, responsive web applications for tablet, mobile and touch enabled devices. Using data, A/B testing and great design to optimise sites for conversions while making them SEO friendly.


Analytics & Reporting

I'll even provide businesses with dashboards of your key performance metrics.

Giving you live data and insights to grow your business. And... I'll set it up and manage it for you to make your data look good.

My goal is to help you spend less time collecting and analyzing data, and more time monitoring the key metrics you need to grow your business. I'll pull in data from the services and platforms you use, making them look as clear as possible to help you easily see holes and opportunities while tracking your business performance




Don't take my word for it, here are a few happy clients...

Hands down one of the best Freelancers I’ve ever worked with (and I’ve hired a lot of them over many years). Luke is the real deal and actually gets results. To name just a few, he created a facebook retargeting campaign that generated an 800% return on ad spend as well as recreating a landing page and getting more than three times the previous conversion rate.

Luke is a huge asset to any team and is the real deal when it comes to an all-around marketer who generates results. Aside from this, he’s also a really good person and is very pleasant to work with.
— Michael Julian - CEO Novedo Marketing

James Waddington
CMO/Founder @ Vizified

Luke has been instrumental in the growth of two of our companies. From website design, sales funnels & marketing strategy he has been helping us grow for 3 years, advising us from concept idea to funding & acquisition. 


Stefan Pretty
CEO/Founder @ Subbly

As a Startup we knew how beneficial it was to be data driven and we wanted our metrics in one place. Thanks to Luke, he set us up with the right metrics and makes sense of our data to create our marketing strategy.


Jade Sehbat
CEO/Founder @ LetsGetWeddy

Luke worked on our startups where he implemented his growth strategies to significantly reduce our CPA's and increase our conversion rates in just a few weeks. His strategies improved our products, increased revenues and saved us money.


Jonathan McNamara
CEO/Founder @ RetroFuzz

From driving traffic to creating the product and growth strategy, Luke can do and will do anything and everything to grow your business.



James Tyrell-Nestor
Founder @ Physology

Luke analysed our business and came up with a clear game plan that allowed us to scale our services nationally, increasing our online presence, our online conversion rates and our overall ROI’s.

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 07.50.14.png

Jay Geraghty
CEO/Founder @ The Physique Geek

Working with Luke has opened our eyes to how actually sell our product. With sales funnels and Facebook ads we acquire and convert more leads than ever before and we continue to grow! 

Excellent work by Luke. Very knowledgeable in all aspects plus much more than we needed. Business strategy and analysis, landing page designs and build, email campaigns, management, results (CPA’s, conversion rates), trustworthy, knowledgeable, proactive!
— Harry Toumbas - Founder Musclebox

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If you think you need any help with any of the above, feel free to reach it out for a chat.

I work with startups (that have at least some money to start with), established business with a need for a fresh approach, athletes wanting to grow their brands and businesses, and agencies wanting to add a little extra service for your clients. 

If I can help you, I will. And if I can’t, I'll still give you my honest feedback and tell you exactly what we would do if we were in your shoes. 

Just hit the form below and I'll send you a link to my calendar to schedule a call. 

Look forward to helping you. 



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